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Antibacterial Face Masks_Leopard

  • Model:PMA2102
  • Price:$488
Antibacterial Face Masks (Leopard), Made in TAIWAN.
An Antibacterial, washable, and breathable face mask made by Unique double-layer“ Safewell® -Cu” &“ smartcel™ sensitive” fiber for anti H1N1 and type A flu protection.

☆ Bacterial Antagonism JIS L 1902: 2002
☆ Antianaphylaxis DIN EN ISO10993-10: 2007
☆ SGS testing report for anti H1N1 and type A flu protection
☆ Fully washable, long-acting antibacterial, and deodorizing fiber (under 100 washes)
☆ World First antibacterial fiber applied to wood fiber
☆ Excellent bacterial antagonism
☆ Effective deodorization

    Product Introduction

    Please note: 
    ․ The color of the product image will vary due to the different colors of each computer screen. 
    ․ seisei cloth masks are all produced handmade. The stitching may be slightly skewed. The actual size and the marked size may have tolerance around 0.2~0.3cm.

    We are now available to offer customized mask graphic designs exclusively for distributors and dealers.
    Let seisei’s flexible manufacturing helps all your needs!
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